[Cdt-l] CDTS route in New Mexico (or elsewhere)

MARY E DAVISON pastormaryd at msn.com
Tue Jun 18 10:06:19 CDT 2013

I have an issue that is bugging me. Perhaps I am too picky. But I heard numerous thru hikers call the purple line on Ley maps the "LDT" or "Ley's" route as opposed to the "official route".

Now, I use both purple and red routes as it seems best to me and lots of purple in New Mexico. And I immensely appreciate Ley's maps, Bear Creek maps, Jim Wolf's routes (generally the purple routes) and books and I use them all. 

But to the best of my knowledge most, not all, of the purple routes are Jim Wolf's routes. Ley provides maps and puts both Bear Creek and Wolf and some other options too on his maps. Thank you Jonathon! 

But I object to forgetting about the history and the presence of the CDTS and Jim Wolf's incredible work. Please don't call Wolf route Ley's route or the LDT.

Ok. I have said my piece. I will quit now.

Medicare Pastor

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