[Cdt-l] Colorado Trail?

Josie josie1066 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 18 11:21:29 CDT 2013

HI Everyone--

My husband and I have been section hiking the CDT for the past 4 years. This year we  planned to hike most of Colorado. Fortunately for my husband, he just started his own business which he loves, but it has made it impractical for him to go on an extended hike this year. Since we are hiking the CDT together, I have reluctantly had to postpone my hike on the CDT as well. That said, I have decided to start on the Colorado Trail instead. Since I will start mid July, I don’t have a lot of time to prepare and I was wondering if anyone on this list has hiked the CT and might be willing to advise and answer some questions about re-supply. I’m hiking with my trusty hiking companion, Mr. Cody ( a giant border collie) so I don’t have the option of going far off the trail (I have had zero takers, hitch hiking with a dog). 

I am looking for likely re-supply points about 100 miles apart along the trail and also information on transportation options from Durango (I would be returning to California).

I have the guide and map from the CT Foundation and have started to study those. I plan to get the data book as well, when it becomes available. Is there a forum like this for CT hikers? I would be very grateful for any advice as I am on a short time line to pull this together.

thank you,


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