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Summertime and today we bring you Episode #13! 

On this month's episode we
discuss National Trails Day & our upcoming workday on the Colorado Trail, 
our recent hike of the Boulder MiniSlam, Mags Dinosaur Nat Monument excursion,
Jester's Embrace the Brutality
 rebuttal live via satellite link, a few
interesting letters from The Trail Show mailbag, a recap of our 
Creek Brewery Meet-N-Greet, the winners of the Colorado Trail Schwag Contest
 Mags' review of a Desert Solitaire by Ed Abbey. We've also got some live
audio from the Noodleheads as they make their way on the Camino de Santiago!!

And as
always ... Beer O' Da Month, Ask-A-Hiker with D-low, Trail O' Da Month (Oregon
Desert Trail),
 Ask-A-SheHiker with P.O.D., Disco's Trail Tip O' Da Month &
Trail News with Mags.

show is sponsored by Bison Design Group. (http://www.BisonDesignGroup.com)
Paul "Mags" Magnanti
The true harvest of my life is intangible.... a little stardust 
caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched
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