[Cdt-l] San Juans alt route

Paul Magnanti pmags at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 26 16:52:07 CDT 2013

Though meant for the CT, could easily apply to the CDT as well (gotta be creative. :) )

This was posted today on the CTF Facebook page. (Thank you, Jerry Brown)
"Here is a way to walk around the San Juan fires:
Hike to the end of Segment 18 then follow the La Garita Wilderness bicycle detour 47.9 miles to Hwy 149. This is a fantastic route on remote, isolated and very scenic dirt roads which have almost no traffic. When you reach Hwy 149, turn right and hike downhill 7.1 miles to Cinnamon Pass Road. (You are very close to Lake City at this intersection, making it easy to resupply). Follow the Cinnamon Pass Road 36 miles west to Silverton. From Silverton, walk 6 miles south on US Hwy 550 to rejoin the CT at Molas Pass. At this point you are approximately 75 miles from Durango via the CT.
As an added bonus you can bag three 14'ers along the route - Redcloud, Sunshine, and Handies peaks. They all are accessible from the Cinnamon Pass Road."

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