[Cdt-l] Bear Creek maps - water from Cochetopa Creek to Monarch Pass

Len Glassner len5742 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 28 17:04:51 CDT 2013

The Bear Creek maps have no water indicated from Cochetopa Creek
bridge to Monarch Pass, a distance of 70 miles. Here's where I found
water (with the caveat that I lost my pen halfway through the
recording process, so some is from memory):

14-100 approx.  Fenced spring on left (NOBO) side of road- either jump
the green gate at the back like I did or just get water where it flows
out the north end
15-010 swampy area on right side of road, looks like spring indicated
on Ley map.
15-047RR  very small flow
15-065RR  very small flow
15-124 approx.  water in small creek
15-136 approx.  cross good flow in creek
16-006 approx.  creek alongside road
16-097XR  this is Razor Creek.  May not be flowing here in fall based
on Ley comments.
cow pond on Sargents Mesa
small creek flowing down the north side from SM
17-015RX  good flow from culvert
17-016 approx.  spring? on right side of trail
17-037RX   this is the crossing of Tank Seven Creek.
18-002? North end of Marshall Pass TH, highly audible flow of good
cold water on right side of road, cabin visible from same location
18-014 approx. piped spring on right side of road.
18-037 approx. piped spring a couple tenths south of cabin, righ side
of trail - last real water before Monarch Pass
18-10? small flow across trail few tenths before pass

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