[Cdt-l] Hiker BBQ to meet Yoshihiro Murakami

Scott Williams baidarker at gmail.com
Sat Jun 29 01:43:25 CDT 2013

Monday, 7-29-13, Martinez CA. 1pm to whenever, BYOB and a potluck dish to
share.  This is an open invitation to any hiker trash who happen to be in
the SF Bay Area or can get here from further afield.

Yoshihiro's coming to town for his yearly summer backpacking sojourn in the
U.S. This year he's coming hot on the heals of the recent publication of
his book on backpacking for Japanese hikers.  Yoshihiro is a regular
contributor to the font of hiker wisdom that is the PCTL, but he's also a
really great guy and before he heads off for his summer adventure, I
thought we aught to try and put together some kind of party so folks could
meet him.

I'm offering my place in Martinez CA (20 miles east of San Francisco) for a
shindig for any hikers who may be in the area and are interested in meeting
Yoshihiro.  We'll have swimming if it's hot, or a tour of John Muir's home,
which is across the street, if that's more to your liking, a hike up Mount
Wanda and Mount Helen, where Muir took his two girls walking when they were
little and of course plenty of "John Muir Wine," grown, stomped and
fermented on a section of Muir's old ranch.

I'll smoke up a "mess a ribs" BBQ some chicken and tofu and ask for a
potluck contribution from anyone who can make it.

This is an invitation to thru and section hikers, contributors to the list
or just lurkers who might like to meet Yoshihiro and few other hikers.

The only downside is that due to flights and time constraints, we have to
schedule it for a Monday.  But if you've got time and want to meet one
terrific hiker who's been coming yearly to the U.S. to enjoy the grandeur
that is the High Sierra, give me an email and I'll shoot you off some
directions.  If you don't get an immediate response it's because I'm off on
an adventure of my own and I'll get back to you as soon as I get cel and
internet service again.

Hope to see you in July,

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