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This is my view on renaming places.  Places are established in history, a
permanent part of geography.  Those places need to stay fixed.  New places
like a water drop that is unnamed would be excellent places to establish a
memorial.  And much better than a plaque, why not a good pump  installed at
one of Sam's water drops?  Now that would be a memorial!

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There's a big difference between renaming something vs. naming it for the
first time. We should be really careful about writing-over history, even
when it seems as trivial as what happened at Crazy Cook 100+ years ago.
Those were real people who lived & died there... and someone thought what
happened was dramatic or significant enough to warrant a name & a small
monument - in the hope that we today would give it some regard. I would hope
that whatever monuments we make today won't be erased in favor of tomorrow's
heroes. Instead, each of these things ought to spark at least some
reflection, some curiosity, some learning of history & connection to those
who preceded us.

I'm all for naming things in honor of people who've made contributions -
large and small. There are plenty of things out there without meaningful
names, there are plenty more things waiting to be built in someone's honor.
There's no reason to argue about any of it.

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