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Bob and Keith,  I have been out on many 2- 4 week hikes.  And I have often
discovered on those first 2- 3 days my appetite does decrease a lot.  I was
thinking it was just me.  And knowing this about myself I still over pack
food for those first 2- 3 days on the trail.  When I do the section from the
border up to Deming I am not even packing my stove- just snack type items
for the first 3 days. 


I am looking forward to this trip.  Keith- really looking forward to meeting
you in Deming.


-Doug (Trew) 


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I think most hikers, even some experienced ones, tend to over-estimate their
food intake for the first few weeks. It is not uncommon for the added
exertion level of the first few days (vs. that of "normal" life) to
radically decrease the appetite. You just don't feel like eating much. After
you've about exhausted your body's reserve food supply, the problem
reverses; you can't eat ENOUGH. 


I've found that 16 oz. of food per day works for the first week. Weeks 2 and
beyond go up to 20 oz., then 24, and sort of levels off there until those
reserves are consumed, then it's "Sadie, bar the door". If it holds still
long enough to get a spork into it, it's mine!


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you wouldn't believe the food that hikers left in the hiker box when we were
angels - they would over pack food for the first 2 1/2 days and have a
re-supply box waiting for them at the PO - they didn't seem to eat very much
the first days on the trail - rudy even left some french freeze dried meals
that later hikers took



Deming, NM

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