[Cdt-l] Food Weight, ETC

David Thibault dthibaul07 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 1 21:59:30 CST 2013

I've found the same thing for me.  The first week or so of a hike I don't
eat very much - so I seem to always over pack.  The first overnighter or
few day trip after a thru hike always finds me carrying food home.

I'm starting to learn to pack less food that first week, more for the next
five, then really kick it up after that.

Other thing is I find I generally mess up on is not accounting for the
occasional meal you just happen to luck upon.

Day-Late (who sometimes carries food INTO a town)

> Bob and Keith,  I have been out on many 2- 4 week hikes.  And I have often
> discovered on those first 2- 3 days my appetite does decrease a lot.  I was
> thinking it was just me.  And knowing this about myself I still over pack
> food for those first 2- 3 days on the trail.  When I do the section from
> the
> border up to Deming I am not even packing my stove- just snack type items
> for the first 3 days.
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