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I frequently use winter sleds for wilderness exploration here in Maine, and confine my journeys to lakes and flat water, which are totally frozen to a depth of a few feet. Handmade sleds have been used for thousands of years for trade and travel this time of year in Maine and Canada. In fact, I'm heading out on Friday for a weekend trip, pulling a sled.   It is  very difficult to haul over irregular terrain, and to control it on any measure of a downhill. Not a good idea. 
Uncle Tom  

On Mar 11, 2013, at 12:23 AM, Doug Carlson wrote:

> I am very basic with my computer skills.  And tracing routes as carefully as I can using three map sources in my Delorme map program and I wonder.....
> And I sometimes think I am just going to go out there and see what happens.
> I wonder how many GPS units are lost in the Gila River?
> Doc's to Pie Town- I am planning  on doing that in 10- 12 days.  Anyone ever use the toboggan sleds for winter camping?  I wonder if one could be  adapted for dragging along NM trails with 3- 4 gallons of water on one?  Just some thoughts as my start date gets closer.
> -Trew
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