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Problem is not the capacity of the card, but the number of waypoints that can be loaded at once.  If you use POI's in lieu of waypoints, then you can put all the maps needed for the entire trail on a single card.  2 GB is plenty big enough.  You can also place the maps and POI's in the internal memory of the gps and only carry a card as a backup.  This will not work with the Garmin pre-loaded maps, however.  Those files are huge.  You can use those cards, however, with POI's preloaded in the main memory.  

There is a cookbook of sorts which explains how to build your own maps on www.bearcreeksurvey.com.  It is on the same page where you download waypoints.

Jim - Gaia works on Iphones.  You load waypoints by attaching gpx files to an e-mail and sending them to yourself on the phone.  I have it on a Ipad and it works. It has gotten jammed up a couple of times, though, and I lost all the maps and data. If you keep the e-mails with the attached gpx files on the phone then you could probably recover enough from a disaster to carry on.  You could always whip out the old compass and maps to use for a while.         


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> I just downloaded the Bearcreek NM waypoints and they are less than 850 kb or a 1000 states/card.  I would guess that detailed maps could take up alot of space.  The 450t has 100,000:1-detail maps. I think the preloaded maps would be fine in conjunction with Ley/Bearcreek paper maps. 
> Most people are navigating differently between the paper maps and gps.  The gps can be used to locate yourself on the paper map. 
> The gps is most valuable when the map is vague, say the desert or on snow cover.  So, you can use it to find the Karsonite stakes that have been knocked to the ground by the cattle, or at least keep you on track enough to find the next upright stake. 
> I think this is why most people are using the eTrex 20.  It is half the price, lighter, and the smaller screen extends battery life. 
> I'm trying to find an app to make my iPhone work as a gps.  I may end up with the eTrex. 
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> Hello Cdt-l, hope all is well ( really didnt mean to rhyme ) 
> anyway Im about to attempt a thru-hike of the CDT and 
> was thinking about getting the Garmin Oregon 450t 
> I believe it comes with 850 mb SD card. 
> Does anyone know if I will need to purchase additional cards 
> to hold all the various maps and tracks ? 
> Thanks for your help, 
>    Craig 
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