[Cdt-l] Are you on the 2013 Hiker Class List???

Doug Carlson doug-sue at centurylink.net
Tue Mar 12 03:12:58 CDT 2013

Erin and Liz have provided an informative  list of those who are hiking the
CDT.  Going over the list I have an encouraging prospective list of fellow
hikers I might run into out on the trail.


And the links are helpful, too.  And I don't think it distracts from the
CDT-L. just enhances who we are here.


I love  you all!!!  I am now going to bed.




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>>Fellow hiker, Liz Chaplin created this website to hopefully create more of
a community among our class, give centralized information to future

More, you say? More of a community? 

But, but... the cdt-l has a membership base of over 400 folks, ready and
willing to "give centralized information to future classes." In fact I'm
pretty sure that's what the list has been doing for well over a decade now.
This is CDT Hiker Central, right here, is it not? We're humble looking, we
know. A bit cantankerous in personality and old-fashioned in habit, to be
sure. But you won't find a better resource on the topic at hand, though you
may try.

>From a practical standpoint, the problem with us branching off into separate
parts of cyberspace has always been that it doesn't unite us. Ultimately it
divides us. It divides a relatively small but targeted knowledge base into
factions that then don't communicate with each other. Something important
ends up being discussed there, but not here, and vice-versa. An opinion is
sought and advice given, but to the exclusion of some and the detriment of
all. It's also rather clique-ish, as if to imply our dinner party isn't good
enough in spite of the feast. How insensitive.

Go if you truly must, but please don't make our little cdt-l party have to
bookmark you on your way out the door. That would be too much for us to

PS - Nothing personal, of course. This is recycled sentiment only. Others
have had the wandering eye in the past. 

- Brett


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