[Cdt-l] Between Pie Town & El Malpais

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I am working on the route a79 that will take me up through Bonnie Canyon.
But it looks like if I swing more to the NE I can pick up Cebolla Canyon and
come suth of a place called North Pasture.  


Anyone who has hiked the entire CDT- I would not expect you to remember most
of these names and places.  


Hiking along Pie town Rd/CR41 north of Pie Town heading to El Malpais- do
you just sleep along the road?  Isn't that mostly private property along
that road?




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Stayed on the road until got real bored.  Took one of Ley's purple routes.
It worked, but very hard to follow.  There was some old "road" which really
hadn't been a road for about 50 years and in several places it was so washed
out that had no idea how to proceed.  Wonders though, the road was on my gps
topo maps so I'd put my pointer on the "road" ahead of me and then travel to
the point - usually stumbled back on the tread at some point.  As I recall
some windmills in the area that were not on any maps.  They really change as
farmers turn them on and off.  Again cows are your friends - where they are,
there will be water somehow.  Some of the windmills needed to be "turned on"
(solar with switches).  Just was careful to turn off anything I turned on.
Few cars on the road; just dusty, hot and straight.  

As I recall, you did worry about water a lot on our trek.  A few ways to
help - when come to a water source, sit down and eat a meal that takes a lot
of water if possible.   Can switch your dinner and lunch menus.  In the heat
of the day just taking a nap in the shade instead of plowing forth will help
your consumption.  Get lots of hiking in very early and the early evening.

Have fun.


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The easiest option on this section would be to stay right no Pie Twon Rd/CR
41 all the way up to where Hugo and Carol have the water caches.


Both Ley and Wolf have routes that go into the Cebolla Wilderness.  Any
suggestions or recommendations in this area?

I will not be passing this way again so I am looking for best wilderness
experience.  And water.



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