[Cdt-l] Cdt-l Digest, Vol 66, Issue 21

Scott Williams baidarker at gmail.com
Tue Mar 12 21:43:11 CDT 2013

The trail angels north of Pie Town were the Thomases.  They are great
people and expect you to stop.  They were about 10 miles north of Town if
I'm remembering right and some of the sweetest folks on trail.  After that
you branch off right on a dirt road past some fascinating old pueblo ruin
sites, (don't miss them) and then into Sand Canyon which had a working
windmill and good camping right there.  Then it's on to El Malpais and one
gorgeous lava crossing.  One spot in the middle with a few big Jeffrey
pines, but other than that, almost nowhere to camp as the lava will cut you
to pieces.  Don't even think of falling on it.  The Mumms (bless them both)
have a water cache at the start and later on the road leading into Grants.
 This was on the Ley alternate.

Man, I hope I'm remembering this right!  Check your maps.

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