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That ranch house is really a barn like building  that serves as a "summer 
home" for an older couple, who therefore aren't always  there; not much 
ranching there. They were home when I passed by, offered a free  lunch--lunchmeat 
& cheese on white bread. Not my kind of food, but guess  whether I ate it 
or not? The funniest thing was the 5 or 6 bags of various kinds  of chips, 
all open for who knows how long and all stale; I doubt they even  thought 
about it.
    There was water and a sign on the gate saying come  in and camp. I just 
don't remember exactly where they were. Very nice couple; I  stayed and 
talked for longer than I intended. Lots of interesting,  eclectic stuff in the 
old building.
    Somewhere in that area, being on a road with  miles of fencing, I 
stealth camped right next to the road, behind some huge  boulders which weren't 
fenced off, but almost certainly on private  property. They kept the road 
dust off me also. 
    One time on a NM road walk on a highway, SE of  Lordsburg, I slept in a 
culvert right under the highway, as there was no  unfenced place to sleep. 
Sometimes it might not hurt to just ask if you could  camp on someone's 
property. I've stealth camped a few places on private  property; I don't cook, 
but I would never even light a stove in a situation like  that, and I 
minimize the use of a flashlight. 
    On the PCT in OR, as I recall, I met Park  Bench-male and Laces-female. 
Laces said she'd only spent $12 on lodging since  Mexico. I was in more 
than one town when they were; they'd just disappear at  dusk and reappear the 
next morning. Somewhere I once slept at deep dusk in  a town, just off a 
walking path in a park, between a highway and a lake; there  wasn't more than 
200 between the highway and the lake; but I was in some  shrubbery out of 
sight of everything but the path. Use your  imagination.  
Bob "Trekker"  Brewer
Naturalized Citizen - Republic of Texas

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