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Doug Carlson doug-sue at centurylink.net
Wed Mar 13 01:35:00 CDT 2013

I just dropped a note to Erin/Wired about her list of CDT hikers.  


This is what I sent her:


Thank you for your list.  I have been hoping and planning on  taking a
longer hike on the CDT and every year  up until this year I have been unable
to do it.  But I would follow the CDT-L to see who was hiking and try to
follow their progress- your list of hikers is a great way to keep track  of
who is out there.


So thanks to you both! (to Liz and Erin)


I remember when I was into the cancer stuff and unable to pack at all for a
few years how much interest I had in following this list and seeing who was
out there hiking.   One of you wrote my name in the dirt up by the Parting
of the Waters in WY.  I don't know if I will ever see that spot, but it was
a great moral boost for me during a very difficult time.  At least I got my
name out on the CDT.  That was something.  


4 years ago I was Dx with stage iv prostate cancer- the cancer had moved out
of the prostate into the bladderneck.  I had surgery, radiation, hormone
shots and a few other related surgeries to fix my internal plumbing and then
told I had a 50/50 chance of a positive outcome at the end of 5 yrs.  I am
still a little tired from the radiation, but otherwise, doing good, and this
hike is like a celebration hike.  I am now 64, retired- I have the time!


I share this as just one of the stories that will be out there on the trail
this year.  I like names and following hikers.


And I do enjoy seeing a list of who is out there every year.  I have been
following  the CDT-l for over 10 years.  I am not sure how many map CDs I
ordered from Jonathan Ley, but I got a number of them- each year hoping....


Everyone on this list, thanks for the support and encouragement over the
years, and your help getting out this year.  

I am less than 3 weeks from my start date.  




So far on the CDT I have hiked:

Canadian border to Lincoln, MT

Yellowstone (Old Faithful) to Aldous Lake thru Mack's Inn, WY/ID/MT

Green River Lake, WY to Big Sandy Lodge TH, WY in the Winds

>From Cumbres Pass to San Louis Pk, CO (I have been up San Louis Peak 3x.
Once at night under a full moon!!)

>From Mt Elbert to  just past the Ten-Mile Range in CO.  That was actually a
sobo hike thru Beckinridge area.

A section in Mt Zirkel Wilderness, CO


I am not sure of the total miles, but I think they add up.

I have been waiting for New Mexico for a long time.  Now is the time.  


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