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Erin Saver erinsaver at walkingwithwired.com
Thu Mar 14 01:27:20 CDT 2013

THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your story with all of us! You exemplify what
this is all about for me and many of us in this hiker world. I share my
experiences because it was the shared blogs of others (Rockin', Boston &
Cubby, Sticky Fingers) that encouraged me to take the leap to get out on
the trail. The idea of hiking on a long trail solo was so unimaginable to
me that it wasn't even a thought in the realm of possibilities until these
people inspired me to dream just as you have been inspired by others. I AM

I can't tell you how many heartfelt stories followers have sent me of their
longing and aspirations of the trail. Some know they will never be able to
set foot on the trail and tell me they feel that they have been able to
hike the trail through my journals. As a journal writer and follower I know
the value of the list LIz and I have created on www.thetrailunitesus.com.

1. Dreams Coming True (Doug Carlson)

> I just dropped a note to Erin/Wired about her list of CDT hikers.
> This is what I sent her:
> Thank you for your list.  I have been hoping and planning on  taking a
> longer hike on the CDT and every year  up until this year I have been
> unable
> to do it.  But I would follow the CDT-L to see who was hiking and try to
> follow their progress- your list of hikers is a great way to keep track  of
> who is out there.
> So thanks to you both! (to Liz and Erin)
> I remember when I was into the cancer stuff and unable to pack at all for a
> few years how much interest I had in following this list and seeing who was
> out there hiking.   One of you wrote my name in the dirt up by the Parting
> of the Waters in WY.  I don't know if I will ever see that spot, but it was
> a great moral boost for me during a very difficult time.  At least I got my
> name out on the CDT.  That was something.
> 4 years ago I was Dx with stage iv prostate cancer- the cancer had moved
> out
> of the prostate into the bladderneck.  I had surgery, radiation, hormone
> shots and a few other related surgeries to fix my internal plumbing and
> then
> told I had a 50/50 chance of a positive outcome at the end of 5 yrs.  I am
> still a little tired from the radiation, but otherwise, doing good, and
> this
> hike is like a celebration hike.  I am now 64, retired- I have the time!
> I share this as just one of the stories that will be out there on the trail
> this year.  I like names and following hikers.
> And I do enjoy seeing a list of who is out there every year.  I have been
> following  the CDT-l for over 10 years.  I am not sure how many map CDs I
> ordered from Jonathan Ley, but I got a number of them- each year hoping....
> Everyone on this list, thanks for the support and encouragement over the
> years, and your help getting out this year.
> I am less than 3 weeks from my start date.
> -Trew
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