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Thu Mar 14 22:16:40 CDT 2013

I had the Wolf book and Ley maps and used the books as my primary source. The Ley maps came out once every day or two to clarify some point. What source you prefer depends largely on your experience and style of thinking. Your comments seem unnecessarily harsh. I'd like to thank Wolf for his guides and for all his efforts on behalf of the CDT. 

Dan Bedore

On Mar 14, 2013, at 7:48 PM, Travis Naibert <tnaibert at gmail.com> wrote:

> I don't say this to be rude or anything, just wondering, have you
> gotten the Ley maps? It shouldn't be hard to "map out" the route from
> Mt. Taylor to Cuba if you have them; it isn't a hard route to follow
> and Ley has mapped everything really well, including the alternate to
> the top of taylor. The route north of grants is mostly on old ranching
> roads across the san mateo mountains (mostly just a big mesa, or
> series of mesas, not really mountains) and then it drops down to some
> really awesome (and decently cairned) singletrack on the mesas
> paralleling the rio puerco for the last 50 miles into Cuba (actually
> the last 6ish miles are on pavement). There are a few good water
> sources that are all on Ley's maps and it can be the better part of a
> day between sources depending on how many miles you are doing per day,
> but overall it was one of my favorite sections, try to hit it on the
> new moon, the stars are phenomenal in central/northern new mexico.
> I totally respect all that Jim Wolf has done for the trail, but you
> will quickly realize that the Wolf guides are good as reading material
> for finding out about trees, animals, flowers, etc, but not really
> great for trail descriptions. And you might as well just throw the
> maps in the guidebooks away or use them to start a nice campfire,
> because they are nearly impossible to use for navigation. Get Ley, pay
> the money to have them printed on 11x17" paper, and leave Wolf and
> your fancy GPS at home.
> Also, don't miss El Bruno's in Cuba!
> Suspect CDT11
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