[Cdt-l] NM Water Report

BDD-AT2005 coolmil1 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 17 12:10:15 CDT 2013

In Lordsburg having started on 12 March at Crazy Cook TH.
Notes: All data points are Bear Creek, did not see ANY natural water or ponds or tanks in Seg 1 or 2.

All 5 bear box caches were good for water: Sheridan Cyn (1-137), Hw 81 (1-255), Hw 9 (2-194), Hw 113 (3-127), Water box (4-198).

Dry or nothing: Vista Tank (3-38), New Coyote Tank (3-07), Williams Tank (4-82), and unknowns Private Tanks (2-023,2-133) & Private Pond (4-49).

Surprise water in tractor tire, from spring (3-065).

Segment 4: A lot of water here as trail enters higher terrain.
(4-032) Lower Camp Tank-Gate to pass through with 2 round troughs.
(4-095) Private Tank-Large round trough with algae.
On road walk btw miles 14 & 18.5, Private Tanks (4-154, 4-161) old and off. 
Calf pens: At Rockhouse Seep (at sharp right turn, just beyond (4-161) and at road gate at (4-175), both had water.

Lastly, at (4-186) just where you leave road walk, there is a large tank with corral troughs, can use ladder to get best water from inlet pipe.

It is a dry spring so far, had high 80s and 90s, not fun!
Big Daddy D

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