[Cdt-l] Get Your Journal Yet?

Scott public at postholer.com
Tue Mar 19 12:55:22 CDT 2013

If you're seeking the ultimate in trail journal sites, take a look a 
postholer journals. Postholer journals is the most advanced, robust 
hiker-centric journal/blog site to be found:


Postholer journals is the ultimate choice for long distance hikers, and 
for good reason. The ability to update your journal real-time from 
anywhere, integrated google map with trail trace and mileages, 
integrated SPOT/GPS, an exceptional experience for journal readers and 
tons more.

Journal Features
+ No advertisements in your journal. It's all about your hike.
+ Add journal entries/photos by EMail, Smart phone, Kindle, whatever!
+ Optional delay of visible entrys from 1 day to 1 month
+ Google trail map of your entrys, same trace/WP's as our printed maps.
+ Postholer Mobile optimized for smart phone users!
+ Integrate SPOT Personal Messenger into your journal map!
+ Photo Manager, 5 photos per entry, 1,250 per journal. Ask for more.
+ Immediate, last 20 Twitter messages (tweet your map location, too!)
+ Gear List, spreadsheet like
+ Trip Planner, spreadsheet like
+ Training Log, spreadsheet like
+ Extended journal information, min/max temps, high/low elevation, etc.
+ Embed your journal in your website!
+ Option to make your journal private, does not appear in searches
+ Multiple journal handling that will blow your mind!
+ Download your entire journal in xml format
+ Optional guest book for your visitors, with your comments
+ Integrated journal & forum accounts
+ Automatic bookmarks for readers - up to 200 journals
+ RSS support for timely notification of journal updates

Postholer.Com has become the most exhaustive resource for hikers 
planning a CDT hike. With every journal added this resource will 
continue to help those that hike after you.




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