[Cdt-l] Beacon's CDT Data Book

Erin Saver erinsaver at walkingwithwired.com
Fri Mar 22 01:22:55 CDT 2013

Some of you may be familiar with Al H's data book he put together last year
using Bear Creek's waypoints. Beacon (triple crowner and hiking the CDT
this year) has taken it a few steps further to create the most complete
data book to date for the CDT.

Beacon has created a data book for the "official route"(not including
alternates) that compiles all the information from the Bear Creek
waypoints, Ley map notes, Wolf notes, and any other resources he has come
across. It is an extremely helpful and detailed spreadsheet that lists the
waypoints, cumulative mileage, water sources, elevations...you get it...a
DATA BOOK. Amazing resource! Plus he created it so you can print it back to
back and cut it to fit in your pocket.


Here is a link to download the document. The version in Microsoft Word can
be found on the 2013 CDT Facebook page under the files tab.
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