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End of April is typical for NOBO, as you want to reach Colorado after snow has started to melt in the San Juans in early/mid-June.  We started April 17 on our NOBO hike, and reached Colorado June 4, in a very low snow year, and had snow issues until we reached Creede.  Most of the hikers who started before we did ended up skipping the San Juans, which is one of the most remote and beautiful sections of the trail.  Mid to late June is typical for SOBO since Glacier NP doesn't typically open until then.  Bridges don't get put up until July 1 or so and you may not have a choice of route (i.e. Ptarmigan Tunnel will be closed before then).  We started our NOBO hike in Butte, to avoid issues with the park, on May 31.  We should have started two weeks later, as it was a high snow year, but we enjoyed having the mountains entirely to ourselves.    Ginny

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 What are considered typical start dates for the CDT northbound and southbound?

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