[Cdt-l] start dates

Scott Williams baidarker at gmail.com
Sun Mar 24 16:51:12 CDT 2013

Hey Justin,

Another option we've discussed in previous threads here is to enter the
trail in mid May somewhere later on in the desert section, say Agua Dulce
and hike with more of the "pack" who will be hitting the Sierra from early
to late June.  This saves you from hiking the Mojave in June.  After
finishing at Manning Park in Sept, jump back down and hike the desert
section you missed in the cool of autumn.

I missed 300 miles of desert on my thru hike, but returned in fall and
loved the different experience the desert offered that time of year.  Ripe
desert fruits were there for the picking and piles of pinon pine nuts
littered the trail.  Plus, after hiking with some of the best people I've
ever met, and I hope your experience is the same, I finished by spending a
few weeks hiking alone, which is totally different yet wonderful and worth
every step.

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