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Hey, sorry about that, I thought I was answering the PCTL, not the CDTL.
 Don't start at Agua Dulce or you'll be on the wrong trail!  But the theory
still works.  Mid May at Grants or Cuba as Ginny suggested.


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>  Mid to late May start in NM means high heat in the south and the
> possibility of fire closures in NM, especially in a dry year.  Late
> October finish is possible, though you'll definitely have snow to deal with
> in Montana.  Glacier NP pretty much closes down in mid-September, but you
> can still hike through, it's just a bit more of a pain to get a permit (we
> had to go to St. Mary's) and the motels and stores will be closed.  The
> border station at Chief Mountain will also be closed, but if you hike into
> Canada you can hitch to a different border station, or if you have someone
> picking you up, they can pick you up at Chief Mountain or Waterton.
> If you are hiking after school gets out, you might consider starting NOBO
> at Grants or Cuba.  As Scott said, the equivalent of starting at Agua Dulce.
> Ginny
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> Let me put my question another way;
> would a mid to late May start NOBO present significant difficulties in
> finishing by late October in Canada?
> Would it present other problems like water access etc?
> It seems like SOBO unless it is a super abnormal year like 2007, you will
> have to be hiking in snow even if you start in mid to late June up in
> Glacier.  Would that be accurate to say?
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