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Jackie McDonnell yogihikes at gmail.com
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Holy crap..........Atlantic City............in 2004, I had a great time in
AC.  Nice people, great food, rented a cabin from the Mercantile.

2012 was a whole different experience.  The people there were RUDE, and
hated hikers.  No, I'm not imagining it.

Matt and I were sitting at the bar in the Mercantile.  They CLEARLY knew we
were hikers:  we looked like hikers, plus we nicely asked the bartender
(owner?) where he wanted us to put our packs.  The Bartender was
indifferent to us until some other guests sat right next to us.  Then the
bartender started talking to those guests about how much the bartender
dislikes hikers.  Hello?  We're RIGHT HERE.

While we were at the bar, I called to that B&B you mentioned.  I asked
about getting a room, and the conversation was fine until I said we were
CDT hikers.  The B&B person immediately decided he didn't have any rooms,
and hung up on me.

So, I say skip AC.

South Pass City:  yes you can mail out, but it's not a Post Office.  The
lady in the store takes your money, then she mails your package when she
goes to town (I'm guessing Lander).  South Pass City is not a "town".  It's
an historical site.

On Mar 25, 2013 7:38 PM, "Tony Mason" <tony at greyrock.org> wrote:

> For our section hike this summer we are planning a stop at South Pass
> and/or Atlantic City.
> Sounds like we can mail a package to the "post office" in South Pass. Any
> one know if you can mail things out from there?
> Has anyone stayed in the cabins the Atlantic City Mercantile rents? I was
> thinking a hot shower and soft bed would be nice after crossing the Basin.
> I heard there is also an upscale BandB in Atlantic City. Anyone been there?
> Thanks for the help.
> Tony
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