[Cdt-l] Winston NM

Brett blisterfree at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 26 00:27:01 CDT 2013

>>Just spoke with Randy at the Winston, NM general store, and he said
they're willing to hold a resupply box.<< 

Winston has a post office, as well:

451 Grafton Rd
Winston NM 87943

Hours: M-F 07:30AM-04:00PM SA 09:00-11:00AM
Phone: (575) 743-0157

What hikers really need in the case of Winston is a dedicated shuttle driver. It's a long and often difficult hitch from the CDT at Highway 59. But at least more folks seem to be using the official route through the Black Range these days, though hopefully not merely because Jim Wolf hasn't offered a data book yet; don't miss the Middle Fork Gila for the sake of nice round numbers, PO and G symbols in a column next to Winston, or similar lunacy.

- blisterfree

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