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Wow, Yogi. That's the least endorsement I have ever heard of a trail town
ever on any trail.

On Tue, Mar 26, 2013 at 12:50 AM, Jackie McDonnell <yogihikes at gmail.com>wrote:

> Holy crap..........Atlantic City............in 2004, I had a great time in
> AC.  Nice people, great food, rented a cabin from the Mercantile.
> 2012 was a whole different experience.  The people there were RUDE, and
> hated hikers.  No, I'm not imagining it.
> Matt and I were sitting at the bar in the Mercantile.  They CLEARLY knew
> we were hikers:  we looked like hikers, plus we nicely asked the bartender
> (owner?) where he wanted us to put our packs.  The Bartender was
> indifferent to us until some other guests sat right next to us.  Then the
> bartender started talking to those guests about how much the bartender
> dislikes hikers.  Hello?  We're RIGHT HERE.
> While we were at the bar, I called to that B&B you mentioned.  I asked
> about getting a room, and the conversation was fine until I said we were
> CDT hikers.  The B&B person immediately decided he didn't have any rooms,
> and hung up on me.
> So, I say skip AC.
> South Pass City:  yes you can mail out, but it's not a Post Office.  The
> lady in the store takes your money, then she mails your package when she
> goes to town (I'm guessing Lander).  South Pass City is not a "town".  It's
> an historical site.
> Yogi
> www.pcthandbook.com
> On Mar 25, 2013 7:38 PM, "Tony Mason" <tony at greyrock.org> wrote:
>> For our section hike this summer we are planning a stop at South Pass
>> and/or Atlantic City.
>> Sounds like we can mail a package to the "post office" in South Pass. Any
>> one know if you can mail things out from there?
>> Has anyone stayed in the cabins the Atlantic City Mercantile rents? I was
>> thinking a hot shower and soft bed would be nice after crossing the Basin.
>> I heard there is also an upscale BandB in Atlantic City. Anyone been there?
>> Thanks for the help.
>> Tony
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