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When I was there in 2011, it was a Monday I believe and the Mercantile was
supposedly closed. Fortunately the front door wasn't locked and I persuaded
the  guy inside to find my resupply box. It seemed a bit of a creepy place
at the time. Then I went to the bar/restaurant next door with the tepee on
the grass outside. The name of the place escapes me at the moment (maybe
Yogi can help here), but they were very nice and helpful. They gave me a
phone number of a local trail angel who let me stay overnight. They were
also talking about expanding to provide a small hiker area with a lounge and
laundry facilities. Not sure if that ever materialized or even if they are
still around, but if they are I would recommend that place to visit in
Atlantic City.


Peanut Eater


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Yep.  The two brothers sold the Mercantile.  I think it was in late summer

On Mar 26, 2013 12:37 AM, "Matthew Edwards" <iceaxehikes at gmail.com> wrote:

Say it ain't so!
In 2010 they were as friendly as can be.
After having a burger and a beer and buying some snacks, the whole staff
came out onto the porch to wish me well.
The exact words were "We love hikers."

Did the management change?

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