[Cdt-l] Rain Pants?

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The CDT is generally a dry trail.  I wear nylon/supplex pants, which provided enough protection for rainy/snowy days, and for hiking in deep snow.  The rain storms you get tend to be summer thunderstorms.  Rain pants aren't needed for those, and nylon pants dry extremely quickly.  If you usually hike in shorts, rain pants could be helpful when hiking in spring snowpack (either Montana if SOBO or Colorado if NOBO.)  Your legs can get pretty torn up while postholing in deep snow without some protection.  I carried shorts, but rarely wore them except while doing laundry, because there were enough blowdowns, biting flies, mosquitoes, etc. to make long pants a necessity for me.  When it got really cold in the fall, my nylon pants were warm enough as long as I kept moving.  In camp I wore long underwear.   Ginny
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> who has / is  carrying / carried rain pants on the CDT ? 
> are they needed ? 
> I didnt have any for the PCT or AT .. 
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