[Cdt-l] Trekking poles on airplanes

Doug Carlson doug-sue at centurylink.net
Thu Mar 28 02:07:43 CDT 2013

Getting back from Albuquerque to Phoenix, my best option would be to fly. It
has been some time since I have taken a backpack on a plane.  If I pack it
tight it could be a carry on.  What about trekking poles- are they allowed
as carryon or will I have to check my pack?


Pack is 24"- 26" long.  Poles would be secured on the side.




Getting to Deming is no problem- straight shot over on Amtrak from Tucson.
I can't get a train out on Sunday, March 31 though, so will head out on
Monday, April 1.  


Keith, I can spend the night in Deming in the Motel 6 and then get an early
start on Tuesday.  I am going to strip my gear down and go for a 3 day trip
from the Border back to Deming. 

I walk slow but I can go all day!  Early morning until sunset.  


I need to be in Mimbres before April 17- I am planning on being there in
Mimbres around the 15th of April.   4/5 days after that I should be at Doc
Campbell's store.  9/10 days after that at Pie Town.


1 day at Jordon Hot Springs.


enough for now.


Trekking poles on planes?  Yes or no?



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