[Cdt-l] Trekking poles on airplanes

Chris Pratt chris.pratt89 at yahoo.com
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I've always just strapped my collapsed poles to the side of the pack, 
put duct tape over the pointy ends and have had no problems. Most of the 
time the I don't even put the bag in anything and have had no problems 
(just tie up all the straps and belts).  A collapsed set of hiking poles 
(3 section) are very strong and would be very hard to damage (be sure to 
take off the snow baskets if you use them).  I'm always flying on 
Southwest with only 1 or 2 transfers, no internationally.  Southwest 
does have bid plastic bags you can get from them (they are used mostly 
for proctecting car seats) if you are worried.

On 3/28/2013 2:07 AM, Doug Carlson wrote:
> Getting back from Albuquerque to Phoenix, my best option would be to 
> fly. It has been some time since I have taken a backpack on a plane.  
> If I pack it tight it could be a carry on.  What about trekking poles- 
> are they allowed as carryon or will I have to check my pack?
> Pack is 24"- 26" long.  Poles would be secured on the side.
> Comments?
> Getting to Deming is no problem- straight shot over on Amtrak from 
> Tucson.  I can't get a train out on Sunday, March 31 though, so will 
> head out on Monday, April 1.
> Keith, I can spend the night in Deming in the Motel 6 and then get an 
> early start on Tuesday.  I am going to strip my gear down and go for a 
> 3 day trip from the Border back to Deming.
> I walk slow but I can go all day!  Early morning until sunset.
> I need to be in Mimbres before April 17- I am planning on being there 
> in Mimbres around the 15th of April.   4/5 days after that I should be 
> at Doc Campbell's store.  9/10 days after that at Pie Town.
> 1 day at Jordon Hot Springs.
> enough for now.
> Trekking poles on planes?  Yes or no?
> -Trew
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