[Cdt-l] Rain Pants?

Robert Mabry spharlm2 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 29 13:51:00 CDT 2013

For those who don't like hiking with or carrying rain pants, but need
something to wear while doing laundry, I stumbled upon an option. While
hiking the PCT SOBO in Northern CA, I mailed my rain pants ahead from
Ashland because it was getting too hot to wear them. When we got to Seiad
Valley, I realized I didn't have anything to wear while doing laundry! I
ended up improvising by wearing my rain jacket upside down and essentially
turning it into a skirt. A word of caution to male hikers, be very careful
zipping it up or down, in this case. Don't make the rookie mistake I made!

To answer the question of of carrying them on the CDT. Living and hiking in
Southern CO, I carry them because I like to have a multipurpose layer in
camp. You will often be at over 12,000 ft (think Forester Pass). Hiking in
early or late season, as most CDTers do, it can get pretty chilly and the
rain is cold, not refreshing.

Rob "Dad" Mabry PCT '05

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On Mar 27, 2013, at 4:27 AM, Scott Piddington <sp2mtns at yahoo.com> wrote:

I don't like hiking in long pants. I find rain pants drag on my legs so
much that even when I carried them I only used them in town on laundry day.
For my CDT hike I made a rain skirt out of a bit of sil-nylon. I looked up
"how to make wrap skirts" on the web. I am not much of a stitcher so it is
not fancy. It comes down to just above my knees. It keeps my shorts dry. It
has a couple of velcro pieces at the waist. When the wind shifts you just
spin it around. And yes I wore it to do laundry. It was perfect.
AKA Scott Piddington

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I am using the montbell dynamo pants. I have had them out in rain and
rain/snow mix while wearing a zpacks ground sheet poncho. They are so light
that they absorb almost no water and my skin underneath stayed dry. Only
downside is no pockets at all.

On Tue, Mar 26, 2013 at 7:29 PM, Jim and_or Ginny Owen <
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 The CDT is generally a dry trail.  I wear nylon/supplex pants, which
provided enough protection for rainy/snowy days, and for hiking in deep
snow.  The rain storms you get tend to be summer thunderstorms.  Rain pants
aren't needed for those, and nylon pants dry extremely quickly.  If you
usually hike in shorts, rain pants could be helpful when hiking in spring
snowpack (either Montana if SOBO or Colorado if NOBO.)  Your legs can get
pretty torn up while postholing in deep snow without some protection.  I
carried shorts, but rarely wore them except while doing laundry, because
there were enough blowdowns, biting flies, mosquitoes, etc. to make long
pants a necessity for me.  When it got really cold in the fall, my nylon
pants were warm enough as long as I kept moving.  In camp I wore long


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> who has / is carrying / carried rain pants on the CDT ?
> are they needed ?
> I didnt have any for the PCT or AT ..

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