[Cdt-l] umbrella?

Scott Williams baidarker at gmail.com
Sat Mar 30 14:34:46 CDT 2013

I used my Chrome Dome a lot more than the rain pants last year.  I used it
in the sun of NM and whenever it rained.  At one point just north of Rocky
Mtn NP we got hit by a lightening storm up high, but got into a copse of
trees and with the several umbrellas we had, produced an immediate shelter
for 4 of us to hunker down under until it blew over.  We had a picnic in
the impromptu shelter.

On trail, it provided enough protection in all but the strongest blows to
allow me to keep my wet weather jacket unzipped or partially zipped and
therefore much less clammy inside.  I could also keep shooting pictures in
the rain.  Sometimes cliffs and forests are at their most beautiful in a

I hook it over my pack and it keeps the top half of me and the pack pretty
dry and that's a comfortable way to hike for me.    By synching my chest
strap across the shaft, I very rarely need to hold onto it, and can usually
use both of my hiking poles while the umbrella is up.

But each to his own.  It is more weight, and if it's not your thing, or in
a particularly dry year, it could be a weight carried for naught.  But I
like them.

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