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Yes - I had trouble hitching out of Waterton because of the maze of local roads. I then Yogied a ride from the Hotel in Waterton in one of their vehicles to the border, but the driver had to me off at the Canadian side. I then walked 200 yards to the American side where there is a parking lot for hikers at Chief Mountain. I had no trouble at all Yoging another ride from the parking lot back to East Glacier. So you shouldn't have a problem from Chief Mtn. The US Customs were friendly and didn't care about hitching. Mini Mart

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Subject: [Cdt-l] hitching to the start: east glacier to chief mtn

anyone had any luck at this? i am intending on starting SOBO from chief mtn around june 15th.

my experience hitchhiking next to international borders has typically been pretty bad. figured it might a $$$ saving possibility. probably will try it regardless

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