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Hi All,

I posted this in the CDT 2013 page on Facebook back on Oct 3 but forgot to put it here.  I've noticed some recent discussion elsewhere about alternates in the Gila due to the flooding earlier this year; so I thought I'd paste it here. If you haven't already gotten to the Gila, this may be of help...

Janie Faucette Moore
The flooding in the Gila wiped out a lot of trail. We took Wolf's high water route, and it worked out well. If you're interested, here's the route: from Snow Lake take FS 142 about 12 miles and turn right on FS 142A (road sign was gone but it's the next road to the right after the Hulse Ranch). At the end of the road (about 1 mile) follow Trail #53 The Meadows Trail (8 miles) to the Middle Fork and find a good place to cross (it was thigh-high on me when we crossed...hopefully the levels will continue to go back down). Go upstream a little to find Trail #28 (signs and cairns gone...but it's near a big jagged rock). We followed it to the West Fork because we wanted to see the Cliff Dwellings...about 9 miles (got there day before the gov't shut down). The West Fork Trail is very damaged near the last crossings; so it might be better to follow Trails 164 and 129 down the ridge.
 Also, if you're taking the Columbus Route, the East Canyon Trail is severely damaged (often non-existent) by fire/flood between East Canyon and the Black Range Crest...plan on a bit of confusion. 
 p.s. the water was left on at the Lake Roberts picnic area and at the Upper End campground on the roadwalk on 35...not sure about the other facilities that are currently closed due to the shutdown.
Fortunately the p.s. is no longer relevant!

Fortunately the p.s. is no longer relevant!

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