[Cdt-l] Crazy Cook Water Caches (3/4) Replenished

Eric Payne ultrapayne at gmail.com
Sun Nov 17 21:42:26 CST 2013

Yo SOBO'S!  Anyone planning on taking the Crazy Cook Route in the coming

I just got back from caching water in 3 of the Crazy Cook stash boxes.

Details?  Sure:

-Ley Map NM39c (just south of Lordsburg) - 8 gallons
-Ley Map NM39g (between Coyote Hills and Old Hachita) - 10 gallons
-Ley Map NM40b (just before the Big Hatchets) - 8 gallons

My Subaru couldn't hang on the drive to the last cache along the BLM Access
road on NM41a, so who knows whats at that cache.  If someone wants to
donate a jeep for a day, I'd gladly stash 50 gallons of water in there to
last the year...

Treat yourself:  Hike up Big Hatchet Peak while you're down there.  Its
about 2.5 miles to the end of the jeep rd up Thompson Canyon, another 2
miles on very solid trail to gain the ridge, and a straightforward .75ish
miles to the top of the peak.  Be warned, the Border Patrol has placed a
tower on the top of the peak, but the view is still incredible.  You won't
be getting any more huge views after that peak, so why not treat yourself
to something special?  The brush isn't too bad, but it is bad enough that
going in shorts-only is not really that advisable, though you surely will
impress the opposite sex with all of those scrapes.  If you hike in shorts,
you can borrow my gaiters/Rail Riders pants when you come through Silver
City.   No reason not to get in a last jab of adventure before you return

NM's bootheel is beautiful, and I hope some of you hikers enjoy some honest
clean water.


Hearsay (Silver City)

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