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New, updated Mapbooks have just been published for NM, CO, and WY.  There
are no significant changes to the MT book this year.  Waypoints to match the
books are ready for users to download (free) at www.bearcreeksurvey.com.
The new Colorado book includes the first maps of the recently completed and
spectacular high altitude route through the Collegiate Peaks, and the
recently approved (but not built) Argentine Spine.  Changes in the NM book
include new trail constructed south of Hwy 16 in the Gila Forest (Segment
15) and near Hopewell Lake in the Carson Forest. (Segment 29).  The WY book
has only one change, and it is minor, so if you already have a earlier
version it should do fine.  

A new Mapbook, "The Continental Divide Trail - Popular Alternates" is also
now complete. This 111 page book includes maps of 19 popular unofficial
alternate routes along the CDT.  It is available as either a print or "print
your own" downloadable version.  The download version is intended as an
inexpensive means to make it possible to print only the maps you will need
for your particular hike. This book was compiled using a variety of 3rd
party data sources so the maps and data are somewhat less accurate than the
official Mapbooks, but they will get you there. 

The Alternate routes are:
1. Columbus Deming (New Mexico)
2. Walnut Creek - Silver City to Gila River (New Mexico)
3. Gila River (New Mexico)
4. Pietown - old road walk  (New Mexico)
5. Cebolla Wilderness (New Mexico)
6. Bonita - Zuni (New Mexico)
7. Mt. Taylor Summit  (New Mexico)
8. Ghost Ranch  (New Mexico)
9. Creede  (Colorado)
10. Collegiates Peaks Low Route (Colorado)
11. Copper Mtn - Silverthorne - Jones Pass (Colorado)
12. Argentine Spine (Colorado)
13. Cirque of the Towers  (Wind Rivers, WY)
14. Knapsack Col (Wind Rivers, WY)
15. Leeds Creek (Wyoming) - Avoiding the bushwhack near Fish Lake
16. Mack's Inn (Wyoming - Idaho)
17. Anaconda (Montana)
18. Spotted Bear (Bob Marshall WA, MT)
19. Dawson Pass (Glacier NP, MT)



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Jerry Brown

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