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Some sites to watch in Colorado to figure out the San Juans are Cumbres
Trestle, Wolf Creek Summit, and Beartown.  Cumbres Trestle has 36", Wolf
Creek Summit has 53" (ski area has 62" at midway today), and Beartown has
25".   Might be a deep snow year.     


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Someone asked today about where, on the Web, to monitor snowpack levels in
the area of Chama (for a probable 2014 nobo hike).  This the site i found:

So for the readings for today, Nov 25th, the site shows that at Cumbres
Trestle (which i assume is the pass, because it shows the elevation as 10040
ft)......the snow water equivalent is 6.9 inches, which is a big 47% above
the historical mean for Cumbres Trestle for all November 25ths since they've
been taking readings.  That 6.9 reading is snow water equivalent......so
that means there the snow depth, if you poked it with a long stick, could be
20-30 inches....at the pass, since this snow, so new in the season, is less
compressed than snow in late Spring.

I hope this has been helpful (and accurate!).  For 2014 northbounders,
there's a whole Colorado SNOTEL site at
http://www.wcc.nrcs.usda.gov/snotel/Colorado/colorado.html  with which to
keep an eye on snow levels .. .......(and how they are doing versus
historical averages/means)

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