[Cdt-l] Ghost Ranch to Cumbres Pass- Still Open?

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Check w/CODOT; Cumbres is in CO; and you might  check w/NMDOT for other 
highway crossings. Caveat: passes are usually lower than  high points on 
Bob "Trekker" Brewer  

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Wondering  if Cumbres Pass is still open- would this be a good time to hike 
that section  of NM from Cumbres/Ghost Ranch? 
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Sounds good to me. I live in Montrose, Co. I work 3-12 hr days a week and  
my schedule is flexible.  
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We  could do some of the drier sections, 1- 2- 3 nights between cars, cache 
water  along the way.  I was thinking about the sections between Grants and 
 south of Pie town. 
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I could be.  
On Oct 3, 2013  7:45 AM, "Doug Carlson" <_doug-sue at centurylink.net_ 
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Just wondering  if anyone is interested in doing some section hiking in NM 
with 2 cars   this late fall or winter? 

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