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I didn't mind the dirt roads at all and found that they provided a great
opportunity to walk next to whoever I was hiking with.  The conversations
were great.  Paved hammered my feet and were a drag.


On Sun, Oct 6, 2013 at 5:39 AM, Scott Piddington <sp2mtns at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Regarding the dirt roads, most tend to be 2 track 4wd roads, not improved.
> One seldom encounters a vehicle on these roads. It wasn't nearly as
> troublesome as I had anticipated. Paved and gravel roads just destroy me.
> In some cases I looked forward to the roads because I didn't have to worry
> about losing the trail and could make some big miles. Of course, the often
> pleasant road walk would lull me into a false sense of security. I would
> get into "the zone", stop paying attention to the maps and miss the turn
> off the road. Oops. Everyday on the CDT is an adventure!
> Voyageur
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> I second Frisco. You don’t even need to rent a car as there is a shuttle
> that goes directly to/from the Denver airport. There are also local
> shuttles between Frisco, Silverthorne, Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, etc.
> Or rent bicycles and take the bike paths. My wife and I had a great time
> there, lots of good restaurants.
> Ron
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> My wife met me in Frisco and we stayed in a great place in Breckenridge
> for four days and had a blast.  Took a day trip to Rocky Mtn NP and did
> some good eating at the wonderful restaurants.  She had flown into Denver
> and rented a car.  We rented a small ski condo from an individual and it
> proved to be a nice place to stay as we could cook some of our meals.
> As for road walking, there are many hundreds of miles of road walking on
> the CDT, but most of it is on dirt roads, not paved.  I hope you're problem
> is only with paved roads, because the dirt roads are the CDT in many places
> and for lots and lots of miles.  Some of the long paved road sections are
> coming into Rawlins (part of this can be skirted on trail, but it was too
> hot and dry for us to want to do it when we reached this section), going
> around the terrible blow downs just before Grand Lake and just before
> Silver City.  The paved sections of each of these is between 10 and 20
> miles.  Shorter paved sections are into Anaconda (if you do the Anaconda
> cut) Grants, Cuba, and Frisco (paved bike path).  There are others, but
> these few come to mind.
> If you include the dirt and paved sections I've heard many describe the
> CDT as roughly 1,000 miles of trail, 1,000 miles of dirt roads and a 1,000
> miles of cross country.  This is probably too simplistic, and maybe not
> accurate at all, but with all the miles on roads of one kind or another, it
> felt pretty accurate.
> Shroomer
> On Sat, Oct 5, 2013 at 6:20 PM, David Thibault <dthibaul07 at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> Couple of questions about the trail.
> My wife might meet me somewhere along the trail for a couple of days -
> halfway-to 2/3's ish (not hiking just in a trail town).  Any
> recommendations.  She would have to fly in and maybe get a rental car.
> Things to consider are easy for her to get to and an interesting place to
> see.
> I was thinking of starting at Crazy Cook - is there currently a way to get
> a ride there anymore now that Sam has passed away?
> Lastly I really am not a huge fan of road walks, how much road walking is
> there that is not really avoidable?   I have the Ley maps and will be
> making route changes as I go.   I always chose trail over road.  I am just
> trying to get a mental framework on the amount of road walking so it
> doesn't surprise me.
> Thanks
> Day-Late
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