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There are a lot of dirt roads but the CDT only follows pavement for an
extended period in a few areas. The sections of pavement that would be hard
to walk around are south of Silver City and east of Rabbit Ears Pass. The
dirt option south of Rawlins, though longer, is easily walked. The dead
fall south of Grand Lake was not that bad and in my book beats the extended
pavement detour around it.


On Sat, Oct 5, 2013 at 11:33 PM, Scott Williams <baidarker at gmail.com> wrote:

> My wife met me in Frisco and we stayed in a great place in Breckenridge
> for four days and had a blast.  Took a day trip to Rocky Mtn NP and did
> some good eating at the wonderful restaurants.  She had flown into Denver
> and rented a car.  We rented a small ski condo from an individual and it
> proved to be a nice place to stay as we could cook some of our meals.
> As for road walking, there are many hundreds of miles of road walking on
> the CDT, but most of it is on dirt roads, not paved.  I hope you're problem
> is only with paved roads, because the dirt roads are the CDT in many places
> and for lots and lots of miles.  Some of the long paved road sections are
> coming into Rawlins (part of this can be skirted on trail, but it was too
> hot and dry for us to want to do it when we reached this section), going
> around the terrible blow downs just before Grand Lake and just before
> Silver City.  The paved sections of each of these is between 10 and 20
> miles.  Shorter paved sections are into Anaconda (if you do the Anaconda
> cut) Grants, Cuba, and Frisco (paved bike path).  There are others, but
> these few come to mind.
> If you include the dirt and paved sections I've heard many describe the
> CDT as roughly 1,000 miles of trail, 1,000 miles of dirt roads and a 1,000
> miles of cross country.  This is probably too simplistic, and maybe not
> accurate at all, but with all the miles on roads of one kind or another, it
> felt pretty accurate.
> Shroomer
> On Sat, Oct 5, 2013 at 6:20 PM, David Thibault <dthibaul07 at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Couple of questions about the trail.
>> My wife might meet me somewhere along the trail for a couple of days -
>> halfway-to 2/3's ish (not hiking just in a trail town).  Any
>> recommendations.  She would have to fly in and maybe get a rental car.
>> Things to consider are easy for her to get to and an interesting place
>> to see.
>> I was thinking of starting at Crazy Cook - is there currently a way to
>> get a ride there anymore now that Sam has passed away?
>> Lastly I really am not a huge fan of road walks, how much road walking is
>> there that is not really avoidable?   I have the Ley maps and will be
>> making route changes as I go.   I always chose trail over road.  I am
>> just trying to get a mental framework on the amount of road walking so it
>> doesn't surprise me.
>> Thanks
>> Day-Late
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