[Cdt-l] trail closed

Designer Aviaries birdcage at 7cities.net
Tue Oct 8 17:45:23 CDT 2013

Att: SOBO's - On Sunday, Hugo and I checked the water cache on hwy 117 at 
the exit to the Acoma-Zuni trail and found yellow caution tape across the 
exit with a sign saying that due to the Gov. shut-down that the trail is 
closed.  Last night we checked the cache on Bonita Canyon and they have a 
gate across the road into the Acoma-Zuni trail head. The Gov. does not 
monitor this trail.  You can get under the gate at the trail head and under 
the tape at the other end.  Your choice.  If we can help, call 505-285-7118 
Carole Mumm, Grants NM 

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