[Cdt-l] Dehydrated Soylent, a liquid food

Bob bobandshell97 at verizon.net
Sun Oct 13 17:27:39 CDT 2013

I was intrigued by an article In the August issue of Popular Science about a
liquid food called Soylent:



At that point, Rob Rhinehart was experimenting with a liquid food that, for
an extended period, could supply his food needs.  I emailed him, telling him
of the hundreds of backpackers that would love to lighten their loads if he
could only dehydrate his liquid formula while still retaining its
nutritional value.   He emailed back that "Soylent currently comes as a
dehydrated powder. ... In fact, it's adding water and distributing it that
we're currently working on. . You can pre-order at soylent.me, we should be
shipping in December."  

While we can't obtain it commercially right now, but it does seem that
Soylent, in its dehydrated form, might be something for backpackers to be
aware of and to test as it becomes available.


Another article about Soylent is:  



Also Tim Ferriss' blog:  



A dehydrated liquid food?  To quote Don Quixote. "to dream the impossible


Dr Bob


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