[Cdt-l] Books about Hiking the Continental Divide Trail (Jonathan Ley)

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A more current option is a site just created this year that has all the
online journaling hikers across various formats who hiked the CDT this past
season. Some are still on the trail now and in New Mexico...the hope is to
continue and build upon this site to keep a centralized place for all
online CDT journals. I tend to get a lot more out of the online journals as
they are the most current experiences from a variety of people and many are
detailed daily experiences rather than isolated stories or highlights like
most books. They're also cool because they are done in the moment rather
than months or years later which often changes perspective. Here's the
link. They are even divided into Nobos, Sobos, and Section Hikers.

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> I think you're just as well off reading various on-line journals -
> either on trailjournals.com, or postholer.com... or just people's
> individual blogs. sure, many of these are erratic, or kind of lose steam
> as the year goes on, but some of them are really well done. And you'll
> find a variety of styles out there, so if one of them isn't working,
> just move along the next one. Of course, the problem is that you'll be
> reading on a "screen" instead of a book, which turns some people off.
> Anyway, good luck!
> -Jonathan
> On 10/14/2013 2:25 PM, D J (Doug) Beagrie wrote:
> >
> > I don't hike during the winter; I just read and plan.
> >
> > It would be great if you could help me add to my reading list by
> > providing the titles and authors of books about hiking the CDT that
> > you know of or have read and enjoyed. I don't need the titles of guide
> > books yet.
> >
> > In my bookshelf I have a copy of "Where the Waters Divide, A
> > 3,000-Mile Trek Along America's Continental Divide" by Karen Berger
> > and Daniel R. Smith. 1993 and 1997. What other titles would you
> > suggest? Thanks.
> >
> > DJ
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