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*_Narrative Books_*

  * */Where the Waters Divide
    Berger and Daniel R. Smith, 1993)*- still our favorite account of a
    Continental Divide Trail hike.
  * */The Ultimate Journe
    and Tim Ryback, 1973)*- unreliable and outdated as to details of a
    hike, nevertheless an enjoyable read.
  * */Scraping Heaven
    <http://www.llama.org/CindyRoss/default.htm>/(Cindy Ross, 2003)*-
    family travel, with llamas.
  * /*Hiking the Continental Divide Trail: One Woman's
    Journey*/*(Jennifer Hanson, 2011)*-a good read and a rewarding
    introduction for anyone considering a venture on the CDT.
  * /Hiking the Continental Divide: 1984 Journal of Robert Huggins
    /*(2007) -*Pinedale WY to Banff Alberta, April to October, 2 volumes
    and CD.
  * */The Backbone of the World/**(Frank Clifford, 2002) -*an evocation
    of character and geography of people along the Divide whose
    disappearance will sever a link with the defining American spirit.
  * Crossing Divides*(Scott Bischke, 2002*/)/*-*a couple's story of
    cancer, hope, and hiking Montana's Continental Divide/./
  * */Journey to the Top of the Divide/
    Tighe, 1979)*- our only suggested equestrian title.
  * */Wild <http://www.cherylstrayed.com/works.htm>/(Cheryl Strayed,
    2012)*- the best-seller account of a hike along the Pacific Crest
    Trail, it is a moving personal story.

*_Historical Publications_*

  * */The Great Gates/(Marshall Sprague, 1964) -* the story of the Rocky
    Mountain passes. Available online or from CDTS.
  * /Annals of Wyoming
    /issues with essays by Jim Wolf available from CDTS.
  * Collectible titles dealing with the CDT states*-*inquire from CDTS

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