[Cdt-l] Charges possible for Boy Scouts leaders who toppled Utah rock formation

Bill Cathey b.cathey at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 19 10:42:29 CDT 2013

I wonder how much Leave No Trace is emphasized in the Scouts at the local level? Obviously, not enough:



"This is about saving lives," Dave Hall, who shot the video, told The Associated Press on Friday. "One rock at a time." ... "My conscience won't let me walk away knowing that kids could die," Hall said. ... But he also said, "One more rock falling to the ground is not going to destroy the beauty of the park. Eventually, the erosion brings all of them down."

I wonder if he thinks we should bring in some earthmovers and make the slopes a little more gentle and safe around the Grand Canyon rim. And maybe organize a campaign to kill off all the bears, mountain lions, etc., just to be sure it's safe out there :o(

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