[Cdt-l] Crazy Cook Water Report

Will Govus willgovus at gmail.com
Sat Oct 19 13:56:14 CDT 2013

I finished at crazy cook a few days ago - figured the little info I
had would be useful to any sobos still hikin. I hauled a ton of water
from the few ok sources and managed to gain a little 'fair
game'/leftover water from the caches so I didn't check many of the
possible ones.

Ley 39D:

#3 had alot of OK water in the exposed tank but I couldn't get the
spigot to work.

Didn't check 4

Ley 39g:

#4 or New Coyote tank (earthen) was full
#2 had water and the spigot worked but the water was kind of funky and
had a lot of particles of some sort in it.

Ley 41:

The #8 that is in the lower left corner of nm41B had good water - a
piped well pouring into a tank. This was useful I ended up walking the
access road out to highway 81 to hitch out.

Email me with any questions

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