[Cdt-l] thermometer recommendations for backpacking

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Yes, this is the watch I have.  Because it reads to a tenth of a degree, it seems accurate.  Of course you have to take it off at night to get a morning reading.  
Don't know why the price is so high.  It seems to be on eBay for $US 47.  And the Casio Amazon store for $US 41-43.  

I recommend carrying single malt.  You will never get cold, and feel a lot more intelligent than the jokers with the water bottle.  

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Hi folks,Has anyone any recommendations for a trail thermometer? I would like one that I can record daily temperatures just for interest really so that I can keep a note in my journal. One that I could leave out overnight and it would record the minimum overnight temperature would be ideal. I guess keeping the weight down is important too!?My search so far has led me to a casio wrist watch type such as this one:


I am from Scotland and for some reason it is cheaper on uk amazon at about $50 than this US link .?The other type I have looked at?is an old fashioned garden non-digital?min/max thermometer.?Anyway any thoughts or experience are appreciated!?BrianBlack Isle Scotland

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