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Many thanks. 

The below link worked, but not from my computer. So maybe the website is a little finicky. But the maps look great. I'll download them and study them soon

Dan Bedore

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> Dan,
> The ICT is managed by Idaho Department of Park and Recreation. 
> The first  link below will take you to the maps. There is an overview map, but if click on the numbers you will get detailed section maps. I live in north Idaho and there are a couple peculiarities up here worth noting - private property issues mean that there is no legal access to the trail north from Clark Fork. You have to walk around - I think there are some suggestions on their general info page (see the second link) but it's been awhile since I looked at it. If you contact me when you start to do the serious planning, I'll let you know what the current conditions are in that area.   
> http://parksandrecreation.idaho.gov/centennial-trail-map
> http://idahocentennialtrail.blogspot.com/
> Good luck!!
> Philip Hough
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> > After this years hike along the Idaho Montana border, I'm ready to head back to the area for more. I'm thinking about the ICT. 
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> > I've heard that there are detailed hiking maps somewhere on line for the Idaho Centennial Trail, but have not been able to find them. Does anyone have the right link of have the maps?
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