[Cdt-l] Hiking Partner CDT in New Mexico

Doug Carlson doug-sue at centurylink.net
Thu Oct 31 09:03:36 CDT 2013

I am looking for a hiking partner for Spring, 2014, either male or female.  


I am retired, will be 65.


I hike 10- 15 miles a day.  Can do 18 miles if required.


I am interested in hiking New Mexico in April/May.  


I do not need to start at the border.  I can drive a vehicle over to NM from
AZ if someone who is interested also hs a vehicle and wants to do some car


I was considering the PCT in southern CA but have decided to stay with the


I am not particularly interested in starting at the border since I started
in Columbus last year.  This year, if I go alone I will probably take the
train over from AZ and get off at Lordsburg or Demming and just start north
from there.  Right now I am leaning towards a start in Lordsburg so I can
compare the CDTS with the CDT routes.


But If someone wants to start in Columbus  I would be agreeable to that.
The CDTS route is very nice.  And I would be willing to start in Cloumbus
with you.


If we had two vehicles we could  park one at Pie Town and at our starting
point and then drive back, etc.


Last year I hiked from Columbus up to Snowy Lake and quite there hitching
out to Reserve.  Nice section of trail and I wouldn't mind at all do that
section again.  One thing I insist on, we hike the Gila River route through
the Gila Wilderness.






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